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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Painting Today

Have just been having a scour through my new book for artists addressing the gaze, as discussed with Emma. Just going to post them up to remind me and will later do some analysis on how they use visual elements to address what is important in their practice...and of course then try to develop my own sense of purpose in relation to this if still appropriate.
They are selected for eye contact, surface and colour, all of which I consider to currently be important in my work.

'Jarvis on Bed' - Elizabeth Peyton (1996)

'The Girl with the Pearl Earring in Shakespeare's Cottage' (2005) - Karen Kilimnik
'Prince Charming' (1998) - Karen Kilimnik

'Self Portrait with Pickle Jar' (1971) - Maria Lessnig

'Girlfriends' (1965) - Sigmar Polke
'I want to live another thousand years' (2006-7) - Agus Suwage

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