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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Prep work,studio task

I have experimented with positioning the sitter in the image in response to the artist's work. Richter's images seem quiet, and less confrontational than Silva's so I have tried to recreate my perception of his paintings. Also playing with the use of space in the image as this is a compositional factor used when planning paintings.

Looking at the colour balance in the image, and the use of pink and turquoise. Photoshop sponge filter and colour and saturation adjustments. I may use this when I take this into paint to soften the over all look.

Here I have used Photoshop filter 'reticulation' to create a greyscale image, hoping to distance the viewer from the original image. This also references Silva's work due to the highlighting of specific areas of the face to draw attention to them. Might experiment with inverting this image again as it is currently opposite to the 'Youth Portrait' inspiration.

Awkward angles explored by rotating the image after taking. Maintaining direct blue eye contact but wanted the body to look twisted and uncomfortable. Also tried to reference Silva through the deadpan expression. Obviously will take this into another media but due to the time constraints of the task, I wanted to explore positioning and key themes without worrying about a finished product.

Using photo editing I have responded to Isa Silva's photos, limiting my palette to the primary colours. If I was to work from these images I would bring more light into the face and main features to give a clearer focal point.

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