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Monday, 23 May 2011

Mapping the Territory

I'm really glad I started this one early so I could work on it over a longer period of time. I think working in a school has given me an aversion to the concept of 'mindmaps' so picking a media was comfortable with was essential. Not really a painting task, have chosen constructed collage with writing. It will be a series of pieces because I felt I needed some structure to order my ideas. The nature of the piece reflects my practice; it is a composite, constructed from different ideas. It has an aesthetic quality but still allows for freedom within each frame. It is handmade over a long period of time. The studio is at the centre of my thoughts as it is in my day to day practice. There are seven pieces; from left to right...Audience, Artist Intentions, Materials and Processes, Studio, Influences, Context and Initiatives. I'm finding it challenging, having to delve into what is most important in my practice and expose the process. Have sort of documented the process but not keen on revealing each piece as a whole so have posted some edited highlights to create a sense of what I am doing. My intention is to complete and display these pieces in time for Bucks Open Studios - as visitors will be coming to see a working studio, this seems an opportune time to reveal more about my process and thinking.
Detail from Audience

Detail from Studio

Detail from Influences

Detail from Intentions

Detail from Materials & Processes
Detail from Initiatives

Detail from Context

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