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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Thoughts on Dialogue

Have been thinking about the notion of creating dialogue in images/between images and objects.
Just wanted to record these thoughts as a pause point before I develop them...

  • Place two or more people in a painting to give context and/or juxtaposition.
  • Create paintings which are then split into more than one piece and display together.
  • Create pairs of paintings - from studio chat about the problems of commissions, create two and let the patron choose which one they want. Also quite interesting to create paired works like Roni Horn's photos taken a second apart. Start from the same point and let them evolve individually.
  • Create pairs in images which are then displayed separately - either on two separate canvases which can be hung together or recreate in a different format and place at a distance away from each other.
  • Create painting and 3D object which reponds to one of the symbols or figures in the image. Display alongside each other to create contrast between media.
Lots to think about...

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