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Monday, 26 September 2011

Journey of Ideas


Having just done the Journey of Ideas presentation, and having watched the others', it is intriging to see how we all take different approaches to exploring ideas. We have such different ways of presenting and revealing how we investigate our work - like the blog reflections I was nervous about this as I dislike talking 'infront' of an audience. However, it wasn't as bad as I thought and the feedback was positive. Could I exaggerate the difference between the pairs to ensure recognition? Looking in and looking out is an interesting idea (exaggerated by framing). I should explore self and the mirror further. Is there a difference between how a person appears in person, in a photograph and on film? The multiples remind J of Andy Warhol's screen prints - could I explore this through print repetition. Can I show different personalities of the same person? C on the last image - mirrors, portholes, ambiguous, fascinating. Self and multiplicity and reflection. So many ways to explore aspects of duality - links to yesterday's studio thoughts on monsters and goddesses, there seem to be endless ways to explore these themes. It goes back to my brainstorm from a while back on ways to show contrast - is contrast heightened when it is differences in the same person? I have to say I really loved the group presentations, it is great to have contact with everyone as I have been feeling a bit isolated recently and going back to work has made it difficult to fit everything in. Powerpoint seems to be a good way for me to present my ideas in a logical way, in addition to the post-its I'm now writing in my studio to record my reflection. I will work on paper as this is a rapid way of exploring ideas, but still work on canvases as I don't feel I can recreate the quality of the layers of paint without oil. The sketchbook project should boost me in working in this way and on a smaller scale. And possibly print (mono) or pen and wash for looser drawn lines.

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  1. Hi Alexa - just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your new works on paper - both the double portrait studies and the mirror images. Jennifer.