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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Works on Paper


I think these works on paper are successful in the sense that they allow me to work with rapidity and loosely to explore ideas. Working in multiple is quite difficult for me because I seem to be disatisfied with at least one of the images, if not both. However, C said that I shouldn't become bogged down by whether I 'like' an image or not which of course is true but I find it difficult to remain impartial. Some of my left/right handed works, and blind drawings (not on this blog) could be developed with paint on top or built up in some sense. They certainly have a more 'casual' quality than some of my canvases, however I'm interested in exploring bring some of the spontaneity into my canvas paintings. Also develop some of this multiplicity into other images, so that the same person is repeated - they could be a mirror image, a twin, alter ego or split personality. I'm also thinking about playing with scale, position and expression and the same person. In addition, I'm thinking about one 'grid' painting from a photo and one left handed, or blind to further exaggerate contrast. Perhaps a reflection, or a reflected image could be worked from, or a left and then right hand drawing to create that sense of duality and 'through the looking glass'.

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