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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Studio Sunday

Twombly background on canvas with yellow monoprint

Oil paint added to canvas to accentuate contours of faces

Monoprint on canvas disaster before I bought other colours
Monoprint with watered down acrylic

Original monoprinted drawing
Detail to show print lines and loose paint

Mirror image progress

Current studio wall October 2011

I am quite enjoying playing with different materials and exploring the fluid and double sided properties of print. Mono print, in its unique nature needs to work with the paint. I don't really like how the mono print looks when its on top of the paint - partly because it looks like a childish graffiti. This of course may be because I used black ink (being impatient). The marks didn't add to the surface in the way that I had anticipated - in fact my eye was drawn to the black rather than the image as a whole. I plan to experiment further with mono printing into backgrounds and working on top with paint. I love the way the prints can be worked on on two sides, a sort of mirror image. It raises questions for me about the possibilities of display, rather than having the back of the paper to a wall perhaps suspending them so they can be viewed from both sides. This might make the piece become slightly more sculptural, or perhaps suitable for installation (I'm imagining multiple frames suspended). Working on top of an oil surface was quite strange because I am used to preserving the white of the canvas to show light. However, I do feel that this worked better than printing on top of a painting because I didn't find that I was guiding the lines of the running paint in any way so could then add the mono print freely. I am definitely going to play further with combining materials on paper as this seems to be a fruitful way of exploring my ideas.

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