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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Recipe Book

Natural (Lily Cole photo by Tim Walker)


Birds and creatures

Mulberry adverts - great play with scale and nature

Tea Party - Mad Hatters

Time is running away from us all

Deep in the forest

Snow queen and enchanted forest

Ice and water

Interior, wallpaper and chinz

Solitary interior

Double and multiple figure

Costume - reminds me of the playing cards and Queen of Hearts


Doubles and reflection

These are only extracts from my recipe book so far. I have tried to organise each section and page so that I am grouping type of objects, backgrounds or people in order to have a library of images I can use whenever I am creating a painting. This has been inspired by Tim Walkers 'recipe books' of collected images which are then used to create sets and composite photographs. Having already used some of these images to create collages, it seems to be a very practical way of organising and referencing images. I will continue to add to the current recipe book (200 pages!) and am considering also adding some annotation to link my ideas together.

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